Werewolf Survival Stag Weekend Package

Werewolf Survival Stag Weekend Package

What to expect from a Wolfman weekend

  • £120 per person
  • Minimum of 12 people
  • Overnight (Friday or Saturday – 7.30pm until 9am)
  • Perfect for the stag looking for the real authentic experience
  • Bonfire, a free beer and hot dogs included. Waking up to a cooked breakfast in the the local cafe in the morning

More Information

Get ready to here the howl of the moon and for the chill to run down your back as you prepare to survive the onslaught of the Wolfmen in this werewolf survival stag weekend. Prepare for the ultimate in dog soldier experience and round up your troops to fend off the ferocious beasts. All you need to do is survive the morning. You are going to have to be tough as nails as these dog soldiers won’t hold back on their bite. Trust me this is one scenario when the bite is a lot more worse than their bark.

Werewolf survival stag weekend package party

Why choose werewolf survival weekend stag package?

  • Werewolf survival weekend 
  • Great team building activity fast paced high intensity.
  • Enjoy authentic interactive action that submerges you into the world of werewolf madness.
  • Get to test your combat abilities & tactics with your team.
  • Currently available in Worcester only!  
  • Over night stay included with bonfire, a free beer and hot dogs. Finishing up with a cooked breakfast at the local cafe in the morning.


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