Tequila tasting stag party

Tequila tasting stag party

What to expect from a tequila drink tasting session?

  • Taste from our 5/6 tequila selection
  • A in depth show and tell from our tequila specialist
  • Learn interesting facts, funny stories and the beautiful history behind the spirit
  • 90 minutes private session
  • £33.00per person (minimum of 10 people)

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Tequila tasting stag party

Tequila shooters

If you like it straight 100%, no chaser and you’re looking for the perfect start to an amazing night out, then this mystical national drink straight from Mexico is for you!

The great ancient Indian traditions and customs have been passed down from generation to generation to finally be presented to you in this 90 minutes lesson hosted by our professional mixologists & spirit experts (and we’re not talking about the spiritually mystical kind).

Who knew learning about ancient customs, traditions and history could be this much fun. This is one lesson that will get you feeling the party in your hips & fiesta in your soul.

Why choose Tequila shooters?

  • Good way to impress your friends with your new found knowledge in this spirit
  • Enjoy the authentic and interactive session personalised to your needs.
  • Perfect start to a fun night out or before you go out on the town.

If you are look for another drink tasting option, perhaps something with that goes well with ice and very strong in heritage then perhaps Vodka is for you?

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