Stag Pole Dancing

Stag Pole Dancing

  • Trick the stag into thinking you have bought him a female pole dancer
  • Have one of our teachers work him hard for two hours non-stop
  • 120 minutes private session
  • £24.50 per person (minimum of 10 people)

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Trick your mate into thinking that you are taking him to a strip club for his very own pole dance when really he is going to be stripped down to his pants and taught the wonders of the pole himself during this Stag Pole dancing lesson.

Have a beer and a laugh whilst you watch one of our qualified pole dancing instructors teach your mate all the moves on the pole. But be warned, this is a full aerobic work out so after two hours he might be knackered!

Stag Pole Dancing Lesson

Stag party Pole Dancing

Stag Pole Dancing Lesson

  • Our Stag Pole Dancing Lesson gives you a chance to really pull some acrobatic moves.
  • Class is designed with men in mind so it is more about using your upper body strength than about gyrating up and down.
  • except for the stag who is there to be embarrassed!

Call on 020 7274 4865  and our stag party adviser can help you plan how to  stitch up the stag in the most effective way; from the element of surprise to the choice of activity through to how you will force him to dress.

Remember to bring along a camera to document this important embarrassing evidence – it will create perfect material for your best man’s speech and you can pretend to be Ashton Kutcher whilst your mate is getting Punk’d – best videos and pictures will make our website gallery!

You can be sure that our Pole dancing instructors are some of the best around as we have 17 years of experience.

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