Stag Bushcraft Classes

Stag Bushcraft Classes

Gain some skills with our woodlands classes and sessions

  • Collect firewood and learn how to start a fire in the woods.
  • Choose which bushcraft activity most suits your group
  • Two-hour private session in the woods for your group.
  • Just £28 per person (minimum 10 participants)

More Information

Learn some outdoors skills with our great stag bushcraft classes.

As the name suggests, this workshop will first teach you how to build and start a fire in the woods and how to make a useful tool from wood found in the forest, or how to find edible treats near your camp-site.

There’s no better way to start off your stag do than by learning some great skills. Perfect workshop for any group that want to learn some survival skills. Our instructor will call you in advance and help you choose what activity will work best with your group; taking the season and weather into account.

You can choose from the following camping crafts:

  • Fire making
  • Whittling
  • Wild food foraging

Why book Stag Bushcraft Classes?

Stag party Bushcraft Class

Stag Bushcraft Classes

  • If you have arranged a camping trip for your stag party but don’t have any activities planned we will send an instructor to your campsite to run a couple of hours of activities before heading off and leaving you to it.
  • Less expensive alternative to the escorted camping trip but want an activity to do.
  • Stag bushcraft classes take you back to basics. In the woods building fires and foraging for your own food.
  • Great opportunity to bond with the stag and compete with each other using your new skills.
  • The price includes everything needed to do these activities and the cost of our woodland survival expert.

Bushcraft classes are a great alternative activity if you’re planning a weekend for a mixed group.

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