Rum Tasting Stag Party

Rum Tasting Stag Party

What to expect from a rum tasting session?

  • Taste from our 5/6 rum selection
  • A in depth show and tell from our rum specialist
  • Learn interesting facts, funny stories and the beautiful history behind the spirit
  • 90 minutes private session
  • £33.00per person (minimum of 10 people)

More Information

From Jack Sparrow to the beautiful islanders of the Caribbean Sea, nothing beats sweet rum when you’re stranded alone on an island in the heat.

Rum tasting stag party

Rum is always fun

You will be taken on a 90 minutes journey worthy of any fierce rum lover through history exploring the sugar sweet origins and sea worthy stories behind this tonic passed from captains to pirates across the sea. With every taste feeling closer to your treasure dreaming of lying on a beach drinking rum. This class will have you ready to set sail for the night singing “yo-hoo-anda-hoo” a bottle of rum to go!

Why choose to have some fun with rum?

  • Good way to impress your friends with your new found knowledge in this spirit
  • Enjoy the authentic and interactive session personalised to your needs.
  • Perfect start to a fun night out or before you go out on the town.

If you are looking for another spirit tasting option, perhaps something with a little southern hospitality appeals to ya’ll?

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