Make a Music Video!

Make a Music Video!

  • 2 hours 15 minute fun session
  • Bubbly on arrival
  • Private studio
  • Professional choreographer, filmmaker and make-up artists
  • Learn lyrics and dance moves to make music video
  • Unique hen party experience
  • Long-lasting souvenir of the special day-- your music video!

More Information

Make a Music Video Stag party Prepare for a stag party like no other! Grab your best boys and form a boy band for two hours and 15 minutes to make a music video! Pick one of a number of listed songs before the big day and be advised on fashion styles that fit your chosen song and era.



Make a Music Video Stag party 1On the day, you can expect bubbly on arrival, a professional choreographer, filmmaker and team of make-up artists to help you create the perfect music video. This is a really unique stag party that will ensure a lot of fun, laughs and memories for the whole group—especially with a lasting souvenir of your day in the form of your music video.

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