Gun Firing Stag Party

Gun Firing Stag Party

  • Learn how to operate blank firing handguns
  • This intensive, high energy experience will leave you feeling like James Bond!
  • £60 per person for a two hour workshop
  • Minimum of 10 people per booking

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A Gun Firing Stag Party is the perfect way to kick-start an action-packed stag weekend.

You will be put through your paces in this full on, no holds barred Gun Ho workshop, once the H&S preliminary’s are over it’s time to get your hands dirty. Activities can be organised as competitions between teams or individuals or just for fun. Will you make the grade?

Have a go at operating blank firing handguns, Gun Fu and Disarms. Plus teamwork competitions such as loading/unloading, target practice and SAS room clearing scenarios. This intensive, high energy action experience will leave you feeling like James Bond or any other action hero.

Why book a Gun Firing Stag Party?

Gun Firing Stag Party

  • Perfect for those who want to try out handgun and rifle handling, slinging, drawing, and firing stances?
  • Learn how to look and be a skilled marksman.
  • Fast course into the do’s and don’ts of working with a blank firing gun in your own private venue.
  • Comprehensive workshop on gun handling techniques with an opportunity to fire two to three different blank firers.
  • Pick your theme from secret agent to wild wild west.
  • Great for team building session.


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