Game of Thrones Stag Party

Game of Thrones Stag Party

  • Drink, battle, and womanise to excess just like Tyrion Lannister
  • Partake in a 2 hour sword fighting lesson followed by a hearty camp-fire supper
  • Enjoy a strip show from the hot Mother of Dragons before camping out
  • £250 per person, all bookings require a minimum of 10 people in the group

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A Game of Thrones Stag Party is the perfect package for men that love this action-packed fantasy show. This day-long activity includes all the best parts of the TV show; fighting, food, drink and topless women! Your group will start the day by getting to grips with sword fighting during a Staged Combat lesson with trained professionals. After you will be served a hearty camp-fire supper in the form of a roast dinner. Finally to have your drinks topped up and entertained by our bar wenches and additional lap dance from the hot mother of dragons too.

Why choose a Game of Thrones Stag Party?

Game of Thrones Stag Party

  • Embrace his inner Tyrion Lannister in order to drink, battle, and womanise to the excess?
  • 2 hour private stage fighting workshop, during which our trained professionals will teach you the art of sword fighting so you can fulfil your dream of finally avenging Ned Stark.
  • Ideal bonding experience for all game of thrones fans
  • Build up confidence, test your reaction times and experienced a great, alternative activity.
  • Feast like Robert Baratheon on a hearty campfire supper. A well prepared full roast dinner with a slow roasted shoulder of lamb, mounds of potatoes and greens.
  • Bar wenches to top up your drinks and provide the evening’s entertainment.
  • Complete the night by steaming things up for the stag with a steamy lap dance from our hot Mother of Dragons stripper.

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What to wear to a Games of Thrones Stag Party?

You’ll be out in the open all day for this Game of Thrones Stag Party , so why not go for a ‘Beyond the Wall’ theme and don a baggy ‘Westoros’ style shirt, black trousers, boots and a black cloak with fur collar? Khaleesi image credit

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