Building With Bite

Building With Bite

  • Pick a half or full day session
  • Partnerships with sanctuaries not open to the public
  • Once in a lifetime opportunity to physically help animals
  • Hands-on stag party
  • Team building elements guaranteed to unite the stag group
  • Chance to see the animals using what you've built at the end!

More Information

animal stag do stag party build an enclosure Building With Bite If your groom-to-be and fellow stags have a wild side then this is the best stag party you could ask for! Spend 2-3 hours in a safari park or sanctuary building toys and games for some of nature’s greatest animals! With the guidance of two professional instructors on this building stag party, you will saw, hammer and nail until your group has created a new feature to go into an animal enclosure. From a puzzle to perplex gorillas, to a climbing challenge for tigers, there are a number of things that you could be building! You’ll even get to see the results of your efforts when you watch the animals use (and possibly destroy) their new toys!


animal stag do stag party build an enclosure Building With Bite 1

(We take enquiries for other locations as partnerships are being discussed with other parks between Birmingham and Scotland. Additionally we have links with zoos and sanctuaries all over the UK, Ireland and Mainland Europe).




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