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Bourbon Tasting

This 90 minute session is a relaxed start to the party! Meet your professional mixologist at the private venue and expect icebreakers and games. While you and your group are served five different varieties of bourbon, you can make the most of your host’s knowledge as they give you a brief history of the origins and development of bourbon.

While tasting four to six different types of bourbon, you will learn the difference between ‘straight’, ‘blended’ and ‘aged’ bourbon and end the session with either a complimentary drink of your favourite bourbon or a blind taste test to prove your newly learned skills!

Champagne Tasting

Have a fun but relaxed party with our champagne tasting session! For 90 minutes you will be spoiled with great service and try five varieties of champagne. A bartender will advise you on how to taste best and possibly distinguish the differences between each drink and even the most experienced champagne tasters of the group might not be able to tell between Cava and Prosecco! This tasting session is guaranteed a good time and lots of laughter and is often a product used for preliminary drinks before a night out and offers the group a chance to chat and get to know each other!

Craft Beer Tasting

This is a great stag party if you’re looking for a night drinking with the lads but with a difference. Expect to be met at the venue with excellent service and a knowledgeable bartender who will break the ice, explain how beer is made and serve you between four to six craft beers in total. You will be able to savour the flavours and note the differences whilst catching up or getting to know each other better with every drink!

This stag party is great for pre-drinks or combined with another stag product as it is the perfect start to a night out and the best way to end the day of other fun!

Gin Tasting

This gin tasting party is one for the groups who want to drink but in a more controlled manner than the typical stag or hen do. Your mixologist will meet you at the private venue where you will spend your evening being served four to six different varieties of gin whilst being taught the brief history of the drink, its origins and the elements to look out for when tasting.

Dress for a night on the town!

Martini Making

This Martini Making Class is for anyone who loves drinking Martinis or anyone who wants to have a go at trying some new and exciting flavours! The Class starts with a Bellini cocktail on the arrival. During the class each person is making and drinking two martinis and delicious food platters are served for the group to share. The customers will get hands-on behind the bar and have their own bartender who will show them the ropes during the class.

Rum Tasting

Meet your rum expert at the private venue and be welcomed with a drink to get you started! Your host for the 90 minute session will begin the stag/hen party with some ice-breakers before the drinks start to flow! Enjoy 4-6 different varieties of rum whilst your host teaches you how to pick out the subtle differences between them as well as delivering a brief history of rum and information about its origins. The party will end with a quiz to see how much you know about rum or with an optional blind taste test!

Tequila Tasting

Meet your professional tequila expert at the private venue and be welcomed with a drink! Your host for the 90 minute session will begin the party with some ice-breakers before getting to the drinks themselves! You will be served 4-6 different varieties of tequila whilst your host gives you a brief history of tequila and information about its origins. The party will end with a quiz to see what you have learned about tequila – blind taste test is also optional! This is a laid-back drinking product, perfect for those looking for a controlled drinking session or to warm up before a night on the town.

Vodka Tasting

Meet your vodka specialist at the private venue and be welcomed with a drink! Your host for the 90 minute session will begin the party with some ice-breakers before getting to the drinks themselves.

You will taste 4-6 varieties of vodka whilst your host gives you a brief history of the popular spirit, vodka, and information about its origins. The session can end with an optional blind tasting test.

Whisky Tasting

This is a fun, relaxed and sophisticated way of getting ready for a night on the town with a catch up and getting to know each other over some drinks! During this 90 minute tasting session, you will be met with great service from a whisky expert who will, over the course of the session, serve you four or six different varieties of whisky. They will show you how to smell, pour, swirl and swallow the whisky in a way that ensures you savour the flavour! Expect to leave feeling like a whisky connoisseur and end the session with a complimentary shot or a blind taste test!

Wine Tasting

If you like the idea of tasting specially selected authentic wine in a softly lit atmosphere, plus you love the idea of learning in depth about the flavours and textures of your favourite wines, then this wine tasting party is perfect for you. Enjoy a sophisticated evening in which you can have a catch up with your friends, all while sipping on a glass of hand-picked wine and discussing the flavours and aromas. This is perfect for beginners to experts, you don’t have to be a wine connoisseur, just looking to have fun. Get to taste from a selection of wines from whites, reds and rosés in this 90 minute session.


Bushcraft Weekend

This weekend event is a great relaxing get away where there is nothing to do but bond as a group and have fun! Arrive on the site and be greeted with a light lunch and drinks before you are shown to your luxury outdoor accommodation—expect tipis or yurts depending on the location.

This survival weekend is great because it gives you the best of both worlds: a chance of a getaway in the great outdoors and a fun-packed weekend that won’t be forgotten! The balance of fun and relaxation is perfect.

The weekend’s activities will include a wild foraging experience where you can find ingredients to use later for dinner and drinks. You can also gather wood for the fire making competition that will ensue when you return to the camp. May the best hen win!

Other activities include Bear Grylls inspired challenges such as shelter building and carving spoons! Eat and drink al fresco or take your beers to the sauna!  This is a relaxed weekend where you will get the best of both worlds: the great outdoors and being waited on with campfire cooked feasts! A great hen event for quality time!

This is a great weekend hen event for groups looking for something fun, different and an event to bond the group!

Escape Rooms

This is a great party for hens looking for a challenge and always bonds the group because it requires working together to escape the room! Inspired by the online game Takagism, expect to arrive into a room—and the hour countdown will start to tick! Your group will have to use their intuition and various objects and clues found within the room to figure out the necessary puzzles in order to escape!

This adrenaline-filled party is great for all ages!

Game of Thrones Weekend

This stag party was made for the Game of Thrones fans and involves a range of activities that are sure to make you feel like a Lord of Westeros! Start the day off in style with a high-energy two hour sword fighting session led by a trained professional who will teach you to wield, attack and defend with your swords before splitting you into two opposing teams and letting you fight for your people! This is a great activity to bond the stags!

You’ll be in need of a hearty dinner after your energetic day so expect a fabulous feast, cooked authentically over a campfire. Once you are wined and dined suitably (like Tyrion Lannister), you can enjoy a strip show from the Mother of Dragons before camping the night out.

This is a great weekend stag event for groups looking for something fun, different and an event to bond the group in the great outdoors!

Improv Comedy

This two hour session is full of laughs (obviously).

Challenge even the funniest of your stag group with an improv comedy session! At the venue, you will be met by professional comedians who regularly perform their routines in comedy clubs. Over the course of two hours, you will break the ice with some games, participate in the improv games that will familiarise you with the improvisation strategies used by professional comedians.

Once you’re thinking like a comedian and relax into your strategy, you’ll discover that you’re all funnier than you thought! This is a great party for all ages!

Jedi Training

This is a fantastic product for any Star Wars or action film fans. Live and fight movie-style for two hours in this action-packed, adrenaline-filled stag party! Your trainer will meet you at the venue and get you warmed up. You will be shown how to hold, strike and defend with lightsabres and graduate to battlesabres with a Kyber or a Sith crystal to be as authentic as possible! By the end of the session you will be quick on your feet and confident with your choreographed duel!

This is a great stag party for stags of all ages!

Life Drawing

Ever fancied yourself as a bit of an artist? Be cheeky or maybe just see some cheek in this life drawing party!

You will be met with your art instructor and model at the private venue and break the ice a bit before being shown to your kits to make masterpieces with! You will have one hour to be inspired by the nude model before you and draw them in a variety of styles with help from your art tutor. This is a great party to have a bit of fun with the boys and break the ice among groups that don’t know each other and a chance to become experienced artists…ok maybe not, but it’s definitely an activity none of the group will forget very easily!

Man vs Food

This challenge is to be braved by only the most confident of stags! Pick from a range of places to eat for and expect to be met with great service and an abundance of food. Each stag will receive a meal to enjoy while the groom to be faces the ultimate ‘man v food’ challenge inspired by the popular television show. He will have to stomach double or three times the amount of food as the stags to be successful!

This is a great stag party for stags of all ages. It is also incredibly flexible since you can decide on the place and choose a menu to fit your dietary requirements.


This stag event is high-energy and unique enough to keep the whole stag group talking! It is also great for a group of all ages since the most diverse of groups love this product! You will be met at the chosen urban environment by a professionally trained parkour instructor who will guide you through a warm up and encourage you to see the world in a different way.

This two hour session will increase your agility and will see you confidently moving across various terrains swiftly. With exciting multi-purpose drills, you will learn all the basics of parkour: coordination, movement, balance and strength! Maybe you’ll even get to do some cool tricks!

Stage Fighting

This adrenaline-filled stag party is sure to get the heart rate up and be every action film fan’s favourite stag party ever! Meet your trainer at the private venue and get warmed up! The teacher will show you how to sword fight using wooden swords, including how to hold, attack and defend! You will be confidently dueling in choreographed fight scenes in no time! 

This is a great stag event for film fans, who can choose to theme the session if they wish to, for example, you might want a Game of Thrones style duel between the Starks and the Lannisters.

Dress comfortably or team up and theme up!

For a feast and a strip show from the mother of dragons, see our full Game of Thrones stag party package.

Sushi Parties

The ancient art of Sushi is brought to life in this latest product. To give you an idea of the skills these chefs possess it takes 15 years to become a trained sushi chef and it only takes 7 to become a doctor! During the 2 hour Sushi class you will learn a brief history of the cuisine then the group will learn how to make 4 different types of sushi before eating it all at the end. All the ingredients are authentic and fresh and the group is led through the process one step at a time.