Unless otherwise stated in the description, the minimum number of participants for all our products is 10 people; this means that if you have less than the minimum for any party, we’d still love to do the product for you, but you will be charged the minimum of 10.

Woodlands Survival Weekend

Our full weekend survival course is £190 per person – this includes all equipment, food, and even a few beers for everyone.

Drinking classes

Enjoy one of our 1.5 hours drinking classes for only £33 per person

Jedi training

Be active and feel like a Jedi in this two-hour Jedi training class for £50 per person.

Cocktail Making Workshop

Our two-hour cocktail making workshop is £33 per person.

Parkour Workshop

Parkour costs just £35 per person

Rock Star Experience

Our three-hour rock star experience is only £51 per person.

Sushi Making Masterclass

Learn the art of rolling sushi for £48 per person.

Dance Classes

Both our Full Monty, and Urban Dance classes are priced at £24.5 per person.

Life Drawing

Our one-hour life drawing class is £26 per person.

Chocolate Making Workshop

Learn the art of chocolate making for just £47 per person.


For Surfing, Coasteering, and Kayaking, the cost is £38 per person.

Man Vs Food

Challenge the Stag with this ultimate feast for £25 per person.

Sushi Making Class

Addicted to eating Sushi? Or curious about the history and how to make it for yourself, friends or family? This Sushi Making class includes it all for £48 per person.