Out of This World Stag Do Ideas

We all want, especially as the best man, to ensure that our best mate’s stag do is as good as it can be. The whole gang wants it to be unique, something that’s never before been done, even though most of you are married and have done most of the typical stag do activities. These ideas are not typical. These ideas are out of this world…kind of!


Zero Gravity Flight 

Send the groom to be and all the lads spinning into space with this fantastic stag do idea! Either go individually into a zero gravity skydiving tube, that sends you star fishing into the sky (or as high up as the tube allows) with a trained instructor orbook an up-market zero gravity experience and head to the skies in a plane with all your pals, to thrash around weightlessly for a bit?



Get off the ground and onto the waves! Head to the beach, whether in the UK or abroad, and don your wetsuits. Have a small team of instructors to man your whole group so that you can all enjoy the experience together. Starting on sand, learn how to manage the board and pop up to ride a wave, before heading into the surf itself for an adrenaline rush that’s out of this world!


Star Wars Experience

Don your best jedi costumes and grab a light saber from our trainer who will be able to show you how to fight like a Star Wars jedi. Learn how to attack and defend, whilst dancing around your opponent on the balls of your feet. Which of your pals will be the reigning jedi and who shall fall?


If you’ve got the guys and the idea, we’ll try to make it happen! For more stag do ideas see here.

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