Our Top 5 Stag Parties for This Summer

Preparation of your wedding requires you lots of time? Thereby you have no time to prepare your own stag party for your last night of freedom? We are here to help you. Here are our top 5 stag parties for this summer! Your only duty will be to choose which  stag party is your favourite. After that, we will take care of everything else! 


1/ Woodland Survival

Woodland Survival Weekend

If you want to get away from the city and enjoy the weather during the summer, our 24 hour Woodland Survival stag party is made for you! Spend time in the woods and enjoy a good night in the nature! You will learn everything in order to survive in the woods from the art of firemaking to how to bake your own food. During the summer, with a good weather, this is probably the best time to go for a Woodland Survival.


2/ Life Drawing Session Stag Life Drawing Session

This stag party is another type of event! During your life drawing session, you will have the opportunity to express yourself! This activity is made for wide range group. It will allow you to learn some basic knowledge and you will have fun at the same time!



3/ Bourbon Tasting 

Bourbon Tasting

Flavours! This is the main points that will manage this Bourbon Tasting Stag Party.

If you like good drinks and want to discover new flavours, this event is made for you! More than drinking, you will learn everything about the Bourbon. Enjoy having a drink with your best friends and learn everything about this delicious drink at the same time.


4/ Stag Glamping
Stag Glamping

Summer is coming… Take the opportunity to get back to nature during your stag party!
Take a break from the city and relax during a luxurious night in the great outdoors… Choose  your type of teepees, yurts, bell tents or geostatic domes… Bespoke it as you like and everything will be put in place to enjoy your last night of freedom. Taste a delicious rustic fire roasted dinner before relaxing in our traditional sauna with a few iced beers! Even if you need help to survive your hangover, our fresh breakfast will be here to help you !

Stag glamping is one of the best ways to relax with your stags before the big day!


5/ Cocktails Making 

Cocktails Making

Do you know something better than drinking delicious cocktails during a sunny day?

Personally we don’t know! That’s why, create your own cocktails is one of the best activity to enjoy your stag party, especially when this is in the summer! During the Cocktail Making stag party you will learn how to create two classy cocktails by yourself. This is perfect to start your boozy stag weekend!


Don’t hesitate to contact us at info@listoflife.com, if you need further informations!

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