Three Ways to up The Ante of a Pub Stag Do

So your groom to be is subtle. Either your group doesn’t have a lot of time to do something big, or the group explicitly requested nothing crazy. Either way, the stag do is a simple reunion of all the lads at the pub. Not all pub stag dos have to be boring! Here are three ways you can turn the pub stag do into something bigger, whilst still following the groom’s request.


Pub Crawl 

If you’ve been to one, you’ve been to them all – but not necessarily! A quick session on Google Maps will help you identify a number of pubs and bars ahead of the stag do. Plan a pub crawl! Moving around to different places will either show you of a pub you’ve not tried before or just keep things interesting and moving at a good pace! If you can, find a pub that has a stock market of drinks to really keep things interesting and the drinks mixing! If you have more time to plan, create a list of tasks that the groom has to achieve throughout the pub crawl, or create a scavenger hunt of sorts, leaving him riddles to answer in every bar, and get the bar staff in on the joke so they can give up the next clues!


Surprise Party 

If the groom has chosen his favourite pub for a quiet stag do then be sure to give him exactly what he wants…up to an extent! Throw him a surprise stag party inside his favourite pub! Invite more people than he invited – especially if there is someone who he is not expecting such as a friend who moved away! With a few decorations, the hiring out of the venue and a little organisation, you can bring the stag do that the whole group wanted to the specific pub that the groom wanted so everybody gets the best of both worlds! Bring card games and your best dares for a laugh in the groom’s favourite place!


Unusual Pubs

The groom just said he wanted a quiet one at the pub but if he didn’t specify an exact pub then that’s definitely a choice you get to make! Even if he assumed it to be the regular place, a surprise is traditional for stag celebrations! The UK has a number of interesting pubs to visit, such as the very first pub recorded in the UK, Ye Olde Fighting Cocks in Hertfordshire. Or try the slightly wonky but endearing ‘Ye Olde Trip to Jerusalem’ in Nottingham, noted as the first inn in England. For a really wonky pub – no you’re not too drunk but the foundation of this building definitely is, try The Crooked House in Wolverhampton! Your mate gets the pub stag do he wanted somewhere really cool!


If you have ideas of how to jazz up a pub stag do then please do comment below, as we’d love to hear from you!


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