Three Proposal Ideas

It might be a week after Valentine’s day but that doesn’t mean love is no longer in the air! If it’s the opposite – and you’ve got the girl and the ring and you’re waiting for the right moment or for inspiration to strike then here’s your sign. Here are three proposal ideas.


The Holiday Proposal

What could be more perfect than a beautiful backdrop and the holiday feeling to set the mood for a proposal? Whether it’s a warm holiday where you get down on one knee on the beach or somewhere cold and beautiful, make the world stop with a holiday proposal. Take extra care to be discreet and not attract her attention when the ring goes off in the airport metal detectors and keep the whole thing a surprise until the right moment comes away. It also has the benefit of giving you a few days off-work to celebrate the engagement!



The Hidden Surprise

Proposals where the ring is hidden away inside something are becoming more popular lately and the men are getting more creative so step up your game! Typical objects that engagement rings have been hidden in include cupcakes, champagne flutes and now bath bombs! Why not light a few candles, suggest she take a bath and offer her the bath bomb. Once it fizzes away, she’ll discover a sealed plastic egg with the ring in! Just be sure she doesn’t wash it down the plughole! You can use this anecdote later on by sending her on a bath bomb making hen party!


Spontaneous Proposal

If you’re committed to the big question being a surprise then you might consider an entirely spontaneous proposal. Let’s face it: a romantic holiday screams proposal and so does an outing or an unusual gift. If you really want to surprise her then think outside the box by thinking simple. Catch her when she’s completely not ready for it – like when she’s brushing her teeth or tying her shoes! Just drop onto one knee spontaneously and sweep her off her feet! Of course, this means you have to carry the ring around frequently and not get caught but we think it’s worth the risk!



If you try out any of these proposal ideas or you want to tell the tale of your own proposal then get in touch with us in the comments below, our Twitter, Instagram or Facebook!

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