Three Great Drinking Games For Your Stag Do

Despite what the trends may be saying, stags still like a drink at a stag party! To honour the old-time tradition of alcohol assisting the group in mischief, we’re sharing three great drinking games for your stag do. (Tried and tested, by yours truly, of course!)


Never Have I Ever

The stag might be about to sign his name to an agreement of commitment to be a good husband but he’s certainly had twenty odd years of trouble! Just like a confession releases all the sin into the world to be dissolved, the stag must repent! The rules to the game are simple: take it in turns to say ‘Never have I ever…’ and think of a scenario. For example, ‘Never have I ever gone commando to a date!’. Those who have will drink, revealing a secret. Those who haven’t won’t drink. This game is a great way to get to know each other!


Ring of Fire

Warning: approach with caution. Some people in particular will become more drunk than others! Spread a well-shuffled deck of cards, face down, on the table, in a circle around an empty plastic cup. In turns, each person will pick out a card and follow the relevant rule. A 2 is ‘you’- pick someone to drink. A 3 is ‘me’- you drink. A 4 is ‘more’- everybody buy another drink! A 5 is ‘thumb master’- every last ‘5’ gives the person a power to place their thumb on the table, at any time, and the last to follow has to drink.



A 6 is ‘dicks’ so everyone drinks. A 7 is ‘heaven’- the thumb rule but pointing to the ceiling. An 8 is ‘mate’- drink with a friend. A 9 is ‘rhyme’- quick fire rhyming in turn until the circle breaks. 10 is ‘categories’- association game, joker is rule master and the first three kings are to fill the cup by a third with your drink. The final king is the poor guy who has to down the dirty pint!


Truth or Dare

There’s no point us explaining the rules of truth or dare! There’s no one who has never played it! We will, however, supply you with the drinking game version: a shot for every forfeited dare and two shots for a forfeited truth! Some great dares would be to collect a girl’s number, to prank call one of the bridesmaids to tell them you’re secretly in love with the bride o to propose to someone to someone in the bar. Keep the dares creative and interesting! The one ground rule of this game, however, is to be responsible- no one gets anything out of upsetting the bride or getting the groom into a lot of trouble!

If you have any drinking games ideas, please share them in the comments!


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