Three Fun Wedding Proposal Ideas

It’s 2017 and the age of Tinder, shameless selfies and disgusting chat up lines. It’s safe to say that romance is dead. Could these three fun wedding proposal ideas revive it?



If you’re not afraid of devastating heights then you shouldn’t be afraid of proposing either. So why not do both at the same time to make for a truly adrenaline-filled day? If you can convince the love of your life to go skydiving with you, she’s already a keeper! Ensure you book with a company that can double dive so that you fall out of the plane at the same time, facing each other. Let her have her moment, enjoying the thrill of the dive but propose before you hit the ground – or, land on one knee! Just don’t drop the ring on the way down, okay?


Scuba Diving

Let’s be honest, getting a dolphin with a sign at sinful Seaworld is less than romantic. We’re definitely over it. (Shut down Seaworld!) Instead, go to where the real fish are. On a tropical holiday, enjoy an hour or so of scuba diving, seeing the colourful sealife on the ocean floor! While your lady is distracted, get into position and surprise her with a ring! Better yet, hide the ring in plain sight, somewhere it will sparkle and catch her eye when she’s looking around and be ready to claim the romantic act when she finds it! (Just don’t let Nemo eat it!)


Flash Mob

If you want to go really off the chart unpredictable then it has to be a flash mob. More commonly known in New York, flash mobs are the least thing you expect when you’re just out and about. Take your partner to the local shops or a food market, or whatever you do on a normal Saturday and then, let the flash mob you arranged beforehand shock and entertain her! After a while, depending on the song and message you organised, she’ll realise it’s for her and you can get down on one knee in front of your entourage! We can even help with choreography!


Let us know if you propose or have proposed in any of these ways – we’d love to see some photos!