Do You Have What it Takes to be a Viking?

Vikings is one of the most popular television shows right now, and, just as they did with Game of Thrones, lads will look for a viking inspired stag do. If you’re in the market, we’ve got the ideas! Here’s how we would create a viking stag do!


The Perfect Setting

If you didn’t already know (where have you been?) we are great at finding perfect locations. Whether its glamping, camping or survival, we’ve got the place. For the closest match to the tough landscapes of Vikings, we advise a trickier location, one that’s more secluded and ready for work! Feel as though you’re camping close by to the village you’re about to take for your own! Think forest area and open fields to camp in, we can set you up your very own Vikings setting.


The Manly Stuff

Not to be sexist, because Lagertha is incredible, but you’ll want to feel as capable as the men in Vikings. This is where our manly activities come in. We’ll cover all the bases! Arrive at camp and create a fire with your bare hands. Provide for the camp with some outdoor style cooking on the campfire! Whittle away to create an absolute weapon! Then let our arms expert teach you the epic ways of sword fighting! With careful footing and your eye on the opponent, you’ll leap and defend your way to Valhalla!


The Other Stuff

For a more immersive Vikings time, if you’re not already tired, you could build a Vikings style boat and see if you can get it to float on water! Let us set up an archery area to practice your shot ready for battle! Sharpen your axe and try your hand at axe throwing! Whatever you choose, bring some beer because the vikings do everything drunk!


If this sounds like something you might enjoy, be sure to let us know and we can see what we can do! If you have any other ideas, please don’t hesitate to let us know!



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