How To Survive a Stag do


Surviving a stag do can be a miracle sometimes, as anyone who has experienced one knows. Attending a stag do sometimes feel like a really long marathon except you’re really tired and a little wobbly on your legs. Here’s how to survive a stag do.


Don’t Organise It Yourself

To get through a stag do, there’s going to have to be one and organising one can be stressful. You need to work out who to invite, where they are at specific times to pin down a date you can all do, figure out the location, how long people have to celebrate and then try to come up with an activity that pleases everyone. The trick is to please the groom to be more than anyone – and there should be a surprise in there somewhere too! But you should also make sure the other stags are up for it. The easiest thing to do is to hand the organising to someone else to do – like us!


Build Stamina Beforehand

You know what they say, ‘fail to prepare and you prepare to fail’! Just like any athlete would train ahead of his big event, you must too! We recommend building your resistance to alcohol with some pre-meditated drinking. We also recommend increasing your stamina by pulling a few all nighters and pub crawls beforehand! We also recommend that you do actually book a stag do long in advance of the agreed date so that you can pack or prepare in some way for the big day. For some ideas, see here!


Start Drinking Late and Keep Things Interesting

It isn’t unheard of for people to start their stag do drinking in the daytime and fall apart by the evening, leaving the groom to find his own fun which is not acceptable! The best way to ensure the lightweights in the group last longer is to start drinking later. Have a daytime activity!  It’s also a good idea to litter the night with surprises for the groom so that the anticipation of them arriving keeps you energised!



Let us know your tips and tricks to surviving a stag do. We’d love to hear them in the comments or on our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram!

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