When Should You Have The Stag Do?

One of the biggest decisions to make, when organising a stag do, is the date! If you want all the guys to be there, it is something that should be agreed on quite early on! The big debate, however, is how close to the wedding should the stag do be? We way the pros and cons.


In advance of the wedding 

If you plan on having a bit of a piss up style stag do then it’s advisable to book your stag do way in advance of the wedding. Though traditionally, stag dos were the day before to celebrate the ‘last night of freedom’, a hungover groom isn’t the best idea. Booking a stag do in advance also means that you get to have a longer stag do. Go for a week away or a weekend stag survival! If travelling takes longer than expected, it doesn’t even matter because you’re not going to be late to the wedding!


On the last night of freedom 

There are many benefits to having the stag do on the last night of freedom, the night before the wedding. If you’re having your wedding at a specific place, and all of your guests are housed at a nearby house or hotel, then you can be sure that everyone has accommodation for the stag do! It’s also a great way to distract the groom from his nerves over the big day. With all of the guys in one place, it’s sure to be a fun night and will give the best man lots of last minute memories to add into the speech!


Pros and cons 

Whilst having the stag do the night before the wedding allows more people to attend and makes the wedding weekend more exciting, it also allows the possibility of a hungover wedding and tends to take more planning to ensure there is enough to do in the area of the wedding. A stag do long before the wedding ensures the freedom to have the stag do wherever you want it and gives you more time to spend enjoying the stag do without rush but might be more difficult for people to attend.


We recommend including all of the guys in a discussion to see which is right for your squad!

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