Green Craft – Woodland Survival

We at List of Life Stags love the great outdoors. From camping to fishing, foraging and bushcraft, there’s nothing better than the British countryside.

One of our suppliers for Woodland Survival is the outstanding Green Craft

Not only do they provide an amazing survival experience inspired by military training, their expertise is also matched by their photography and teaching skills.
We’ve hand picked a few photographs from their Facebook page but there’s so much more to see. From breathtaking landscapes, photos from their classes to close up shots of some of the flora and fauna that make up the British woodlands. They’re nothing short of inspiring.



survival camping campsite campfire

Wilderness Oven

survival camping campsite fire

Cooking pot over a fire


If Green Craft has kindled your interest, then why not get in contact with us and book your stag party in the great outdoors. Your stag might even meet his animal counterpart!

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