Stag Kidnapping ; The Concept

Stag kidnapping – two words that cause a smirk to flit across the face of many a best man. Two harmless words that combined can result in so much angst, hilarity, terror and amusement all twisted up together.

The premise is simple. We’ll kidnap your stag and make him believe he’s genuinely being taken. His imagination will go into hyper drive and he’ll probably lose his cool, if not wet his pants, very quickly! Thoughts will be racing through his mind, he’ll be desperately trying to recall what he could possibly have done to provoke such an event! Was it to do with his late tax return? The argument he had with his wife-to-be? Or something he did last Saturday night before he blacked out?!

The Stag Kidnapping Details

We’ll arrange everything beforehand with you, so only you will know what is about to unfurl. We’ll take him totally by surprise, outside of a club, bar, high street, anywhere that suits you, and bundle him into the back of our van. Everything will look totally legit. Our actors will be dressed in full costume, the van will be decked out to match the style of the kidnap and your mate will be totally fooled into thinking he is being abducted!

We can guarantee the stag will be scared out of his wits; we can’t guarantee you he’ll forget it in a hurry or start planning his revenge the minute we release him! But release him we will, so you can continue your revelry and torment him over his reaction to the whole affair. It’s a great start to the night – and one he definitely won’t forget! We suggest you plan it before he’s too drunk to realise he’s being dragged off by a gang of men, just when he’s starting to relax into his stag do, enjoying a few drinks with his best mates and then BAM …. In come our men, pick him up off the street and drag him off to their van …

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