Stag Do Ideas For Fitness Fans!

The groom to be is a fitness fanatic. None of the lads are particularly sure what keeps him motivated but you do know that he’d swap the traditional for the tee-total when it comes to the stag do. If you know that lots of alcohol, strange places and greasy food is to be avoided, and you’re looking for a healthier alternative for the groom, your search ends here!


Obstacle Course

Put the groom’s stamina to the test. Hire some land for the day, along with an inflatable obstacle course. These activities are becoming increasingly more popular and, as a result, the market is pretty full. Make the assault course as long and as challenging as you like. To increase the excitement and up the ante, split the stag group into two teams, with different coloured kits and make the activity a competition by focusing on time or some sort of relay challenge. We’re not necessarily saying you should embarrass the groom, but we will tell you that the day would look really great on film!


Flash Mob

Stay with us on this one! More and more grooms and their groomsmen are choosing to surprise the bride and the wedding guests with a special performance! So, even if you’re not a group of keen dancers, there is definitely fun to be had here! Pick a song you all know and love and tell us in advance so we can get a professional choreographer on the case! Arrive to a private venue and your song on repeat, as you learn the steps to the best wedding flash mob sequence yet! Energetic and unusual, this stag do is always a right laugh!


Camping and Cycling

For a fitness based activity and some quality time together, far from the hustle and bustle of the everyday grind, try a cycling and camping stag weekend. Arrive in your private campsite, where you can play as much music and camp fire cook as much food as you like, whilst incorporating a long and scenic cycle route into the weekend’s activities. Your groom will get the best of both worlds- a relaxed time, where he gets to burn his energy off! You can hike as much as you like, and if you really want to ramp it up a bit, ask us about our survival skills training!


Do you have something more specific in mind for your fitness fan’s stag do? Let us know either by commenting or calling and we’ll see if we can make it happen!

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