Stag Do Games

A stag do is not complete without a good few games and few embarrassing moments and the two seem to go hand in hand. We’re not saying you have to ruin the stag’s good times but it is fun to encourage him to try new things! Here are a few initiation games to try with the whole group on a stag do.

Down it Relay

If your group is larger than normal, stag Olympics are a great way of getting everyone excited and laughing if the games are ridiculous enough. For a pre-drink game, split the whole stag do into two smaller groups, then line up with a pint of beer on the floor in front of you in a plastic cup. One by one, every man must squat, pick up the cup with their teeth and throw it back without using their hands. The group can encourage each individual man but cannot attempt it themselves until the man before them has been successful. The quickest group wins.



In the same teams, pick the lightest person in each group. Whenever you move, be it from pub to club or from taxi to venue, these two people must be carried by their teams. Not only does the team have to work out the best way of carrying them and never let their feet touch the ground but the lightest person has to remember not to try to walk himself before his team lose and have to forfeit! It’s a really funny game that tests your strengths!


Heads or Tails

Pick something embarrassing to wear. Give everyone in the stag group a coin and make someone game master. Whenever game master calls ‘heads or tails’ everybody flips their coin and then stays still. The group with the majority are cleared and the others have to continue flipping until there is one person left. This person then has to wear the embarrassing item over their clothes until the games master calls to have another match. Good clothing items include a shell bra, ladies underwear, a mermaid’s tail, a banana suit or anything that’s embarrassing!


Jilt the Stag

When the stag is distracted doing something else (which shouldn’t be hard if you’ve been listening to the games), get someone to steal his phone. Once you have possession of the phone, change the number of a friend into the name of the bride – exactly how it appears on his phone so that he won’t notice any difference. Then, send a message to say that the wedding is off and you can’t do it anymore. When the groom checks his phone next, he should believe that his fiancé has decided not to get married after all. (But maybe explain what you did before he rings her and offloads some negative accusations).


If you have any more stag do games ideas then list them below in the comments or tell us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram!

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