The Stag Do is Dead

Don’t panic. But we think the stag do is dead. Various pieces of evidence point to the fact that stags aren’t the same as they used to be and thus aren’t asking for the same things. News tells us that some stags are forgoing the experience altogether! The way we see it, the stag do doesn’t have to die, it just has to change. Here are some stag do parties bound to bring the stag do back from the dead!


Throw Yourself Off a Building

Long gone are the days of a sleazy club stag do. The new generation of stags want something that makes their heart and head pound! We’re starting off strong with throwing yourself off a building! (Safely, of course). Tower above the rest of London as the city has plenty of bungee jump hotspots, such as the famous O2 arena bungee jump. Bungee jumping is a great way of having a memorable get together that throws some of you in the deep end with the right kind of thrill! Nothing kickstarts a stag do like a touch of being terrified!


Climb an Ice Wall

Subtly hidden near Covent Garden is a mountain sports store that has the vertical chill, 8 metres in height and thick with ice. Whether you’re a professional or a thrill seeker, they are welcoming of everyone so gear up and face the climb. We’re sure, even in the refrigerated room, the group will be warm with anticipation! If the groom is a fan of extreme sports or you’re just hoping to give him a unique experience that challenges him then this would be a great way to celebrate. You can find out more information here.


Bare Survival

We’re sure everyone has seen Bear Grylls and thought that survival was a walk in the park but we’re also sure you haven’t taken the time to find out! We’re not saying that you necessarily need to know survival skills but it’s a pretty great thing to have under your belt, nonetheless. Take the stag group on a survival course, placing them out of their comfort zone and bond over survival. From shelter building and fire making to foraging for food and eating around the campfire, survival is an experience that will bring you closer together and bring a little thrill! Find out all about it here.

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