Man Vs Food Stag Party Idea

Here at List of Life we love a good slab of meat, whether we’re cooking a couple of lamb shoulders during one of our Escorted Camping Trips, or just binging on a pack of ham during our lunch break we’ve got a passion for pork, a relish for ribs and a devotion to drumsticks. That’s why were currently working on our own Man Vs Food Stag Party Idea.

Man Vs Food Stag Party; Research at Bodean’s BBQ Restaurant

Whilst we’re planning to offer a Man Vs Food Stag Party in most cities in the U of K, we thought we’d carry out an Old Spot of all important party research at Bodean’s BBQ restaurant here in London first.

Man Vs Food Stag Party Idea - meaty mayhem on a stag camping trip

They’ve got branches in Clapham, Fulham and Tower Hill too, but we headed to Bodean’s in Soho to embark on a porky pilgrimage. We were greeted with a warm welcome, big screens showing sports, and that amazing smell of slow cooked meat. The menu offers a fresh twist on a ‘beloved Kansas City BBQ’ and is challenging enough for even the hungriest of stags.

man vs food stag night man vs food stag night man vs food stag night

We recommend challenging the stag to the Boss Hog Platter, which includes a selection of their finest meats including spare and baby back ribs, a Jacobs Ladder beef rib, burnt ends, pulled pork, chicken thighs and 2 smoked sausages.

But if you’ve got a passion for pork and you’re not afraid to show it then grab a couple of their giant (and amazing tasting) pulled pork hot deli sandwiches. Perfect for any lad looking to line his stomach before a night of clubbing!

Bodean’s is also well worth a visit purely for a taste of their famous Burnt Ends. Known as ‘Nuggets of BBQ gold’ they’re  the flavoursome pieces of meat cut from a delicious smoked beef brisket.

Bodean’s can cater for groups of up to 12 people in all of their London eateries, so for larger groups check out their mouthwatering Takeaway BBQ packs and Mobile BBQ options. They’re perfect for stags planning a staycation; complete with Bunny Girl Barmaids in the House, of course.

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