Lazy Bloke’s Guide to Stag Do Planning

So you bagged yourself the top spot of the pack: best man. Congratulations, best man! It’s a great honour to be the groom’s favourite friend and, other than the impending doom that you might get the speech wrong, it’s a great job! You even get to organise the stag do! Don’t panic, here’s your easy step by step guide to planning a stag do.


Invite the lads and set a date

You can’t have a stag do without all of the stags. Jot down a list of all the people you think you should invite to the stag do, every friend of the groom’s that he might like and even the ones that live further afield and childhood pals! Just be sure to run it by him before you start the group chat! When the group chat is on a roll, get everyone to check their schedules and come up with a date everyone can agree on!


Brainstorm some ideas 

Send some ideas into the WhatsApp void and bounce them off the rest of the group. Whether you’re after a pub crawl, a typical lads on tour holiday or something completely unique, the best way to come up with a unique idea is to pool them! Some grooms like involvement and more relaxed grooms will enjoy a surprise so think outside the box!


Check availability and book transport

When the plans are sketched out: date, place and activity, you’ll need to check the availability of the suppliers. If you’re an organised group, you’ll be able to get your date. The great thing about pooling lots of ideas, however, is that even the most last-minute plans can always have a great back up!


Finishing details

The best stag do parties are the ones that have surprises! This is especially important for the stags who have a lot of involvement in their stag do. They’ll be even more surprised at what you organise! Some good (and easy) surprises could include bringing a friend from the past who they won’t expect to see to the stag do, buying an unusual gift and taking the stag to a cool location he isn’t expecting.


There you have it! A stag do completely organised (and totally awesome) in four simple steps!


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