The Latest Stag Do Trends

One of the first questions you might ask, when utterly perplexed at the duty of the stag do that has been bestowed upon you, is ‘what’s everybody else doing?’ If you’re wondering about the groom’s expectations, you can get a good idea of what is required of you by looking at popular stag do trends. So, without further ado, here are the top stag do trends.



The most popular stag do destinations for UK stags are Majorca, Benidorm and Costa del Sol – it would seem that the priority is sunshine and partying! Spain makes a good (and cheap) stag do which is typically the best formula for getting everybody to attend! Other popular destinations for non-summer stag do breaks are Prague for nightlife, Bratislava and Budapest. Though more stag groups are choosing to go abroad for their fun, there is plenty to to right here in the UK, so if you’re not up for travelling, ask us for top UK stag activities!



Stags are more frequently deciding to enjoy the usual summer holiday activities such as quad biking, bar crawls, fun water sports and day drinking on the beach. Other activities stags are getting up to abroad are water sports such as jet skiing, boat parties and inflatable challenges such as the banana ride. Lots of stags are choosing to be escorted to the top nightclubs with VIP access. UK stags are typically choosing to enjoy bar crawls or adrenaline filled packages such as race car driving and paint balling.



It’s all very well and good learning what other stag groups enjoy doing but we understand if you want to do something a little more…different. For that reason, we’ve bought along some wildcard stag do ideas so you don’t have to be like everyone else. For a getaway that’s more unique than beach bar crawls, book a wilderness weekend where you’ll learn some Bear Grylls style skills such as fire making, shelter building and whittling. Or relax during a glamping weekend. For an event with a bang, try a shooting course in Estonia.


You can see all of our stag do activities here but if you’ve something special in mind, ask us and we’ll make it happen!

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