The Kind of Guys to Invite to Your Stag Do

Stag do celebrations entail a lot of planning beforehand but one of the very first decisions that must be made relate to who should actually be invited to the stag do! We’re not going to tell you the difficult stuff like whether or not you should invite the soon-to-be father in law and brother in law (that’s entirely down to how much trouble you’ll be getting into), but you do have to have these characters for a good night!


The Loud One

The loud one of the group has a very important role to play when it comes to your stag do. Firstly, he will find taking charge of the group to delegate tasks and organisation of the stag do itself comes naturally to him. He will talk the loudest, make everyone fall in line and have the activities planned out in no time. Secondly, he will lead the stag do on the night. He will know where to go and what to do and naturally order you all into action, commandeering the best stag do ever.


The Daring One

Without a daring member of your stag group, the celebrations are at risk of being typical. Whilst the rest of you worry about your budget and annual leave logistics, the daring one will seek out the adventure for your stag do. He will be naturally drawn to the weirdest of activities and hopefully suggest them to the rest of the group. Furthermore, on the stag do itself, he will be relentless in trying to meet people, create some mischief and ensure some funny memories are made in the process!


The Dependable One

This is the one of your group that’s quietly confident, calculates their moves and ensures that nothing delves too far into chaos. Though you might not trust him to come up with a fun stag do, you can trust him to remain reasonably intact throughout the stag do and get you all safely home to your hotel. He’ll be a careful carer, ensuring no one cheats, strips too much or ends up in the paper for a compromising situation. What’s more? He’ll probably even think about the small stuff like putting water next to your drunken face to down in the morning when you need it!


The Optimistic One

Whether you are the life and soul of the party or not, a hangover can happen to the best of us. And, whilst some of us are great at downing drinks and keeping the party excited, we’re not as resilient when it comes to a hangover. Make sure your group has an optimistic fellow who is determinedly upbeat. When you wake up the day after your stag do, feeling like your head might explode, you’ll need someone resilient who nips your moaning in the bud and knows just where to get the fry up cure! (Just ask him to be positive quietly!)


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