Hangover Cures

The best of stag do’s involve a lot of alcohol so we’re really thinking of taking care of you with this blog post. We’re not necessarily saying go out and get smashed to test the theory, but if you wake up hungover on the day of the wedding and need a quick miracle, we’ll try to give it to you.


Drink this

I’m sure that we don’t need to tell you that you’re dehydrated. The raging headache that you’re nursing is almost entirely down to dehydration. It’s important to drink lots of water before drinking and there’s no shame asking the bartender for a pint glass of water between pints but it’s a little late now. Drink a couple pints of water now. and then, between waters, also drink hangover cures Sprite, Lucozade sport and other isotonic drinks. They replenish salts and electrolytes as well as ease nausea with sugar. To replace calcium, try milk if you can stomach it.


Take this

Too many people reach for the wrong painkillers the morning after a long, drunken night but it’s important to remember that your stomach lining is terribly fragile right now. Opt for gentle Paracetamol – nothing that’s going to mess with the acidity of your stomach. It’s also convenient for strength and salts to have hangover cures Berocca, Dioralyte or Alka-Seltzer in a glass of water to replace salts as well as ease pain and nausea. Don’t take anything, however, without lining your stomach with food first.


Eat this

You need to get yourself a fry up or anything high in fat. A common hangover misconception is that you need to eat typically healthy foods but what you actually need to do is absorb the alcohol and take as many calories into your body as you can. Some people will tell you green smoothies are hangover cures but, frankly, the thought of the sound of the mixer hurts our head already. Limp down to the nearest café and order as much food as possible. If you want an even quicker fix, eat bananas and pretzels. Lots. The bananas are for potassium and the pretzels for salt.


Do this

Take a hot and steamy shower. The thought of peeling last night’s clothes off and standing for an extended period of time might sound about the equivalent of a marathon right now but we promise you’ll feel better afterwards. Hot showers ease headache pain naturally and steam out your sinuses to relieve pressure. We also recommend doing some stretching and very gentle exercise when you get out of the shower to get the blood pumping through your body and wake you up. (Don’t worry, we’re not high achieving or anything, walking to the fry up café will do).


Don’t do this!

Before you go and mess up your progress, we thought we’d outline absolute no no’s in your state. Number one: hair of the dog is definitely not a cure – and you can trust us because we’ve tried it. Multiple times. Not once did it ease the pain so put the bottle down. Don’t drink coffee. We know you’re tired but are heart palpitations and the sweats going to help you feel better? No. Alcohol and sugary mixers are bad enough – you may have even had an energy drink mixer the night before, (vodka redbull, am I right?) so avoid all American television show clichés and don’t drink coffee!


Follow our sound advice and salvage yourself post-stag do! If you have any cures let us know in the comments, on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram!

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