Gun Shooting with List of Life!

Gun Shooting

Image credit: ARTS_fox1fire on Flickr

A Gun Shooting Stag do makes for a fantastic activity where all your mates will get the chance to have a go at shooting their load!

If you want to do something out of the ordinary for your stag do or want an activity to do before you go out on the lash, a gun shooting stag do ticks all the boxes. You’ll be taught by a professional gun firing stuntman who will teach you how to shoot on target.

Gun Shooting: the real thing

Gun Shooting

Image credit: Scott Butner on Flickr

Despite being invented way back in the 11th century by the ancient warriors of the Chinese Song dynasty, guns have not really changed that much. It’s a simple device designed to discharge projectiles through the rapid combustion of a compressed propellant, usually gun powder. However simple the device is, no one can deny the thrill of using one. There is a carnal desire in man to shoot stuff and a gun firing stag do is a sure fire way to satisfy it – no pun intended!

Nothing beats this Gun Shooting Stag do if you’re looking for the excitement of shooting stuff without running the the risk of being arrested. Save the marathon COD session for the day after your stag do when you’re suffering with an almighty hang over and have no intention of leaving the sofa, except to go to the fridge and play with the real things on your stag do.

Header image credit: Cerebralzero on Flickr


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