Groomsmen Duties

So your best mate is getting married and you’re one of his groomsmen. You’ve been by his side before this life-changing event and you’re around to see him to the other side. But what does being a groomsmen really entail? Lucky for you, we can tell you!


Be Available

The first and most important part of being a groomsman is being available. Your pal is going through a big deal of a time and will need his guys around to talk it out with. That means that when his fiancé turns bridezilla, you’re there to assure him it’s not a permanent character change. That means that, when he’s worried marriage means no more fun, you’re there on a night out to assure him this will not change. It also means that you have to be present in the group chats and be of assistance when you’re called upon. (But don’t worry, he won’t trust you with the big stuff anyway!)


Bring The Banter

This is a groomsman duty like no other. You probably think that you already do but we can assure you, you need to step up! Houses become stressful with a wedding on the horizon and your stag is going to need some release. As groomsman, you must vow to always make him laugh, to always bring him down a peg or two with your personal jokes and to always bring the comedy. That being said, maybe tone down the jokes about his missus! And be sure that the wedding speeches the group are preparing are on the right side of funny!


Organise and Attend Stag do

The stag do is a send-off for your friend. Most men see marriage as making a boring man out of them. It’s not always highly regarded among a group of lads and a lot of guys feel like they’re going to be left out of plans when they’re married as their mates assume their time is spoken for. Throw the biggest and best stag party possible for your friend and let it be a beginning rather than an end! Set the bar high and arrange plans post-wedding as well as pre-wedding! Be an easy person to organise and, with the other groomsmen, brainstorm the stag’s favourite things to hit the nail on the head with the stag do.


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