What to Expect From a Survival Stag Do

As one of our greatest stag do weekend activities, the survival stag do is a great choice for any group looking for something different. It’s a chance to spend quality time together in unusual circumstances, to learn new skills and to have a right laugh! Here’s what to expect from a survival stag do…


20664524_10159144666545297_6710431959911232206_nYou’ll arrive at camp and be greeted with refreshments while you get your things settled in your tents and just really get a feel for the location, the setting and the team that will be looking after you over the weekend. You’ll notice where to sleep, where to eat and the warm camp fire waiting to be sat around! Our locations are quiet and reasonably secluded, making you feel more responsible for your survival! Since the area will be pretty quiet, you can make as much noise as you like with music and late night celebrating, but we’re saving that for later!

20664567_10159144666955297_4643546227095336909_nLearn the first step of survival: how to create a fire with your bare hands! Okay, there will be some fire making tools also, but it doesn’t take anything away from how cool it is to be able to make fire! Either learn the trick together or be as competitive as you choose and see who can create fire first! Next, you’ll get the chance to see what it’s like to eat in the wild. As a group, along with your guide, you will wander the nearby woods for food. During your forage, you might stumble upon berries and mushrooms – hurray! But just check with us before eating something!



20638712_10159144666045297_4991324435039720486_nWhen you’ve uncovered a suitable collection of foods, you’ll head back to camp, where you’ll learn to cook in the wild, using both the foods that you have managed to forest and the food that we have provided! Either get your hands dirty, learning how to cook with fire or sit back and enjoy the delicious scents that waft your way and build up a suitable appetite! Kick back and relax around the campfire, enjoying your feast! You’ll be left to do with your evening as you please, so feel free to bring drinks!

20621183_10159144666715297_1562290436929209210_nWake up and smell the bacon! The following day will begin with a big fry up breakfast around the campfire before your chosen activities. You might choose to learn how to build a shelter using only natural materials you can find in your surroundings or how to make tools in the wild. We can also teach knife safety and how to use knives to your advantage in the wild. Whatever activities you choose, you will learn new skills and get that high adrenaline, Bear Grylls feeling that you are all strong and capable and living like cavemen!


Then, you will return to your more comfortable lives! But you will always remember the woodland survival stag do weekend you enjoyed with each other!

For more information about the woodland survival stag do, click here. Feel free to call us with any questions!

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