Easter Proposal

The Easter holiday is coming and, with it, comes all the family, food and fun! With everyone around, and multiple opportunities for surprise, it’s the perfect time for a proposal! If you’re not sure how you’d organise it, see the following ideas!


Easter Egg Hunt

Though typically reserved for children, add to the madness of the Easter egg hunts this Easter season. Hide the ring box somewhere where she might look for an egg. To be sure that no one else picks it up, either inform everyone to stay away from that spot or have a separate Easter egg hunt for your girlfriend. If you want to make it a little more adult of a hunt then create rhymes and riddles with clues to direct your girlfriend and ensure you let her get into the spirit by finding actual eggs before the ring!


Easter Egg Surprise

It’s perfectly natural for couples to gift each other an Easter egg but see if you can do something a little more special. Either tidily open a chocolate egg at the sides to pop the ring in the centre for your girlfriend to find or use plastic or decorative eggs instead! (This option, at least, keeps the ring a little cleaner!). This option can be combined with the previous idea of an Easter egg hunt. Let your girlfriend find the egg, crack it open and ask about the ring! Some also take the opportunity to leave a lovely message inside the egg as well.


Easter Basket Proposal

Sometimes, when an egg isn’t going to cut it, we turn to creating an Easter basket for our loved ones. They typically contain chocolate eggs, cakes, hot cross buns and various other colourful gifts. Make a basket or your girlfriend with the usual items so she doesn’t suspect anything before hiding an engagement ring in the mix as well! Perhaps tied to a bouquet or as a topping on the icing of a cupcake! Get creative – just make sure that she’ll be able to spot it easily!


If you’ve proposed over Easter before, let us know how you did it either in the comments below or on our Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.


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