The Complete Groomsmen Style Guide

Everyone knows that it’s important to look your best for your friend’s wedding – you don’t need us to tell you that! What not everyone is so good at, however, is knowing how to style themselves for the occasion. Most bride and grooms do actually have a vision in mind so seamless groomsmen style┬ámust be understood by everyone involved. Before you get it terribly wrong, or forget something vital, check this complete groomsmen style guide!



Typically, groomsmen should coordinate on the colour of their suits. Whilst guests can wear whatever they choose, the groom’s entourage should look consistent! The colour palette you’ll be working with largely depends on the season the wedding is being held during and theme requirements. Pastel colours are typically reserved for summer, for example, whilst richer colours are seen most often at weddings. Run the colours past the groom (who will probably run them past his bride) before starting the groomsmen style planning!



Fabric is a really important element of groomsmen styling that can make or break how a wedding, and your group, looks. Don’t worry, the rules are fairly common sense! Heavy fabrics that are thick and patterned, such as tweed, are for autumn / winter weddings only. During summer, opt for lighter fabrics that are thin. Consider the location also – you might not need a blazer for the beach wedding, so long as you all agree!



Following the same advice as above, the general styling rule is to keep it light during spring and summer and heavier during winter. Whilst we absolutely love the shirt, waistcoat and blazer layering, we wouldn’t recommend it for a summer wedding. If you’d like to add more texture, but are in a hot location, only able to wear shirts, try buying high quality shirts with patterns on the inside of the cuffs – fold these over to reveal the subtle colours and match them to your accessories.



With the wedding planning already being a stressful situation, it can be easy to forget the finer details of groomsmen styling but we promise it makes all the difference. Colour coordinate your pocket squares and pick the fabric and colour carefully. We love rich silks that are carefully chosen to pick out the bride’s bouquet or wedding colour scheme. You might also consider accessories such as hats, silk ties, bow ties or flowers which have become increasingly popular recently!


To maintain the groomsmen consistency that keeps weddings looking sleek, tag the others to include them in this complete groomsmen style guide and get the outfit plans started!

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