Best UK Locations For a Stag Do

So you or your best mate is getting hitched and a stag do needs to be organised. The lads have decided that they’ve got at least enough time for a weekend away and you, thinking of fun away from home, agreed. But, you have no idea where to take them! We’ve got this.


For Nightlife

Liverpool is known for its nightlife so any stag do here is bound to be a party! Scope out the best clubs before you get there and try to map out some sort of club crawl to be sure to get the best experience of everything the city has to offer! With cheap drinks, you can have fun for less than you’d expect. You can also make the night a little saucier by visiting the slightly more raunchy side of town for some burlesque and lap dancing! Our top Liverpool hen parties include Parkour free running, life drawing and craft beer tasting so if you needed excitement, nudity and pre-drinks, you’ve got the right place.


For Adventure

London is the best location for a stag do that wants an adventure. The city itself has everything from the popular tourist areas to the up-market clubs of Soho and the naughtiness of its side streets gentlemen’s clubs. Anything you would want to do, you can do in London. Life drawing, drinking classes, craft beer tasting, Man Vs Food challenges, stage fighting, Jedi training, parkour, glamping or the hard-core woodland survival. Book a hotel in the centre of everything and be prepared to party!


For Everything

If you’re looking for a getaway and a party scene in equal measures but aren’t so keen on it being abroad, you can opt for Brighton. Packed with shops, restaurants, clubs and all the fun of the fair, Brighton is a great stag location and one of UK’s most popular! We find that stags are more cheeky in Brighton and always find ourselves teaching dance routines to surprise the bride on the big day or getting you suitably drunk with a drinks tasting class. Woodland survival is also a popular option here- make as much noise and trouble as you like around a campfire for two days!


For Obliteration

Newquay. If you haven’t heard of Newquay’s reputation for stag do weekends then we can assume it is something you’re just not ready for. If ever a stag do was going to get you into trouble, it will be in Newquay. Infamous for clubbing, binge drinking and even cheating, the city itself has even tried to clean up the stag party scene! If you fancy total obliteration then head to Newquay – but since we’re not in the business of breaking up the bride and groom to be, we can’t help you!


If you have any better suggestions for UK stag do weekends or know what you’re looking for and need help finding it then please get in touch with us via the comments, our Facebook, Twitter or call us on 02072754865!


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