Balls! 3 Stag Dos That Centre Around Them!

See what we did there? We believe in raising the bar to make stags everywhere in the UK happy. A trip to the pub just won’t do it anymore! Here are three stag do ideas that are all about balls!


Bubble Football Stag do

You could use zorb balls to hurl yourself down a hill at intense speeds but not everybody in the stag entourage will be a daredevil. We can almost guarantee, however, that everybody will be up for some bubble football. Get inside your zorb balls and split into two football teams. When the whistle is blown and the game begins you will be able to bounce off of each other and boing each other out of the way to your hearts content! A great laugh of a stag do


Play With a Legend Stag do

Choose from a list of over eighty footballing legends to play football with. With a range of options from 5 a side upwards, you will be able to pick the right size for your event. And, if you’re one man short, pick another footballing legend! Whether you surprise the stag with the legend or let him pick who he’d like to meet, this is a once in a lifetime kind of stag do that’s always really special! Make sure you get your footy kit signed at the end!


Chocolate Making Stag do

For a less busy stag do, and one that’s a bit of a sit down, try the chocolate making stag do! Watch our expert chocolatier’s demonstrations and learn to taste the difference between different chocolates before being set free to create your own delicious chocolate sheets and trufflesA great stag do for anyone with a sweet tooth who doesn’t mind getting a bit messy!


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