Adrenaline Junkie Stag Do

A few years ago, a simple stag do trip to the club for some drinks and entertainment would have been thrilling enough. Now, though, we want more. Now, we’re looking for a totally unique experience that will shake us up—one that we’ll remember for a long time! We’re giving the traditional (boring) stag do a miss and heading straight for an adrenaline junkie stag do. If you want the trills, we’ve got the ideas…


Survival Weekend

stag do adrenaline survival weekend

Survival Weekend

We’ll start gently with a survival weekend. Prepare yourself for a weekend in the great outdoors by coming as you are! Our ex-military and bush craft experts will teach you a number of skills, valuable to surviving in the woods on your own! Think Bear Grylls and you’ll understand the adrenaline stag do. Learn fire-making, shelter building, tool making, foraging and cooking on the campfire! Gain all of the fun from a survival experience, knowing you’ll be headed back to home comforts when the weekend is out!


Gun Firing

adrenaline stag do shooting experience estonia stag weekend

Shooting in Estonia

Stags in the UK often never get to experience firing a gun. We have two different stag parties that will pump up the adrenaline and have you all feeling like James Bond. One 2 hour package sees you learning how to fire a blank handgun, how to clear a room like they do in all the great films. Pick a wild west or secret agent theme! Alternatively, really ramp up the adrenaline by flying to Estonia for a bigger-scale stag do of shooting targets in outdoor scenes with rifles and handguns! It’s a stag do that none of you will be able to forget!



adrenaline stag do parkour


If you’re a more active group of stags, stay in the UK with a parkour class. We’ve all seen free runners, both in reality, film and music videos, and wished we could know what flying feels like! Whilst we’re not going to suggest you jump between high rise flats at this time (health and safety and all), you will get to use the urban environment around you to carry weight and catch your jumps. A professional will be able to run you through the basics before teaching you some parkour tricks to try out in the concrete jungle you’ll be training in!





Saving the best until last, this adrenaline-filled experience is incredible. Authentic scenes and live actors will be quick to make you forget that it’s all just acting, as the hairs stand up on your arms and your legs turn to jelly! Due to illegal experimenting on asylum inmates, a virus has broken out…and so have the inmates. Try to catch and return the blood thirsty inmates back to the asylum to contain the infection! Once your heart stops racing after the experience, enjoy a bonfire, hot dogs and beer. Stay overnight (good luck sleeping after that nightmare!) and enjoy a cooked breakfast in the morning!


Whether you book these adrenaline junkie stag do experiences willingly or just to spook the stag, let us know your experience here, on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram!

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