3 ways to Nail The Best Man Speech

The best man’s speech is a very important part of the wedding. In fact, in the list of things to expect from a wedding (bride, groom, flowers, food), the best man’s speech and his famous jokes is right up there as a priority! No pressure! We’re here to make sure that you get it right! Here are three surefire ways of nailing the best man speech.


New banterĀ 

We’ve all heard your old jokes and so have the rest of the group. Granted, there will be new people to meet at your best mate’s wedding but let’s make the day special for the happy couple! Bring your best banter to the wedding speech! Start as charming as possible to ensure every guest is listening and begin with something personal and funny about yourself to break the ice. Embarrass the groom a little bit but never embarrass the bride!


Old memoriesĀ 

This is the easiest way to get started on a best man speech. How did you meet your best mate? Return to funny memories that capture a few feelings such as the stupidest thing you’ve done together, the embarrassing stories of the groom that are family friendly and the times where he has been there for you, demonstrating his passion and commitment to his friends – the same loyalty he’ll show to his wife. Talking about the groom’s first impression of the bride and how giddy in love he was is also a real crowd pleaser!


Well Wishes

Always end the best man’s speech with your well wishes for the bride and groom. Talk about how happy they make each other, how pleased you are to have been part of their day and how important it is to you that the happy couple have their happy ever after. Welcome the bride into the group and congratulate her for whipping your best mate into shape! Ask her to let him out occasionally!


Follow these three steps to nail your best man’s speech and live up to people’s expectations!

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