4 Stages of Organising a Stag Do

If you’re a groomsmen, you’ll know that organising a stag do is a bit of nightmare at times! We find, with tensions this high that it’s best to poke fun at the situation. Here are four stages of organising a stag do.


Being made a groomsmen or the best man

Hearing that your best mate is getting married is a great feeling and an exciting time! Congratulations and ‘beers on me’ are passed around for the first few weeks while the lads meet up and the news is shared with everyone. The beginning of it all is when you’re made a groomsman. It’s an honour. You’re chuffed to be part of your mate’s special day and can’t wait to see all the lads together looking dapper with their matching pocket squares! It’s going to be brilliant!


Realising there are responsibilities involved

What has the WhatsApp chat turned into? It used to be a one way ticket to banterbury, the shrine to clap back tweets and hilarious memes but now it’s suddenly all about keeping up with people’s calendars and whether or not they should invite the father in law. Suddenly you’re calling everybody to chase up the stag do date and researching the best place in Europe that you can all have a great time to a reasonable budget. Do we need holiday insurance? Are you meant to surprise the groom? How are you going to get that one through without him noticing? It’s hard stuff.


Getting it sorted

You’re the best. You just know you’ve nailed it. Everything is organised, from the kidnapping of the groom to the transport, to the hotel, to all the activities over the course of the weekend. Everything is perfect. You’ve managed to include all of the groom to be’s favourite things, whilst simultaneously keeping every single lad of the group happy with the happenings, the timings and, most importantly, the budget. There was a moment there where you thought there might be a major fall out between Tom and Harry but you’ve decided you would make an excellent diplomat and you are definitely best man material.


The stag do blues

That was the best weekend of your life. The groom was surprised and happy in equal measures and nobody stopped moving the whole weekend. The adrenaline has only just left you and you’re left with an empty hole in the time that you used to spend thinking about and organising the stag do. The only proof that the perfect weekend was more than a dream is the embarrassing photos your mates keep tagging you all in on Facebook that, come to think of it, might need to be vetted and taken down before the groom’s missus sees it or there won’t be a wedding after all!



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