3 Stag Do’s You Definitely Haven’t Considered

If you’re a best man or one of the groomsmen, stag do planning is probably underway! If you can’t find something that feels like it would suit the groom, maybe you’re thinking within the lines. Here are three ideas you definitely haven’t considered yet!

Rent a theatre 

If you and the lads just want somewhere to do your favourite things and have a good time, but somewhere that’s cool, consider renting a theatre. Whether you want to watch all the Lord of The Rings or play video games together, you can make good use of the comfy seating and huge screen! Bring drinks and snacks as well so that you can keep doing what you all love, undistracted!


Ramp it up 

You definitely have to really know your stag in order for this to work! Pick something that your stag loves and really, as the name suggests, ramp it up! If he loves James Bond, get all the lads dressed up for a night at the casino and prepare some missions for him. If he loves football, organise a game with a famous footballer. Take what he loves to the next level to ensure a great stag do he’ll remember!


Joint stag and hen 

The jury is still out on whether stags and hens should come together. Traditionally, stags are male only and hen dos are female only, and the two parties don’t mix. More modern parties, however, are joining the hen do and the stag do so that everybody can be with their friends and partners. This is especially great if you have a large mixed gender friendship group and don’t want anyone to miss out!


Think outside the box!