Manchester Stag Parties


Planning the ultimate Manchester Stag weekend? Be sure to check out our favourite Stag activities to help you create an unforgettable last night of freedom.

The bustling metropolitan of Manchester is a great spot for any stag night. With miles of shopping, bars, clubs and live music venues, it’s fantastic for a big night out. With a reletively small city size, it’s easy to get around and you won’t have any problems getting back to your hotel at the end of the night.

Top Manchester stag parties

Parkour Stag Party

manchester stag weekend - parkour party

Parkour aka free-running is defined as a holistic training discipline using movement that is developed out of military obstacle training. List of Life has created a parkour Stag Party by teaming up with a team of parkour practitioners. Being tailored for a Stag Do is by no means a taming down of the skills you will learn.  It does however include slightly less running and slightly more of the fun balancing, coordination and climbing skills. Check out the full details of this action-packed Manchester stag activity.


Cocktail making lesson

This is clearly the right party if you’re looking for a boozy start to your Manchester Stag Weekend. Before the night descends into a mixture of mayhem and poorly cooked kebabs, be sure to start the afternoon off with a some well-needed structure. Get the Stag behind the bar and promptly blindfolded before he carries out a cocktail of games and challenges against the rest of the group. Mix up a Manchester Stag Weekend with a cocktail making class.

Stag Activities In Manchester: