London Stag Parties


The city of London has everything a great stag do needs in order to make it a fantastic day, night or weekend. With countless bars, pubs, clubs, attractions and the like it is sure to keep men of all tastes and preferences happy. Why not liven up your London stag weekend even further by trying out one of our top stag party activities?

Top London Stag Activities



Parkour aka free-running is defined as a holistic training discipline using movement that is developed out of military obstacle training. List of Life has  created a parkour stag party, by teaming up with a team of parkour practitioners. Being tailored for a stag do is by no means a taming down of the skills you will learn.  It does however include slightly less running and slightly more of the fun balancing, coordination and climbing skills. Leap into more info about our Parkour stag do.

Life Drawing

Stag Life Drawing

Life drawing is a great activity for groups that have a wide age range or if the father of the groom is coming along too. It’s more of a civilised afternoon activity and is thus a great alternative to a hard-core day of paint-balling or debauched evening at a strip club. Check out the full frontal details about our Life Drawing stag do.


Stag Activities In London: