Dublin Stag Parties


Dublin’s history is steeped in conflict but the city bears only a few scars of its past. Georgeanne architecture nestles against a lively pub culture, engaging museums and art galleries. It’s also a city of literary importance with its designation as a Unesco City of Literature. Make sure to top up on your Euros  and sample the local produce with a pint of traditional Guinness or visit the Old Jamerson Distillery.

Top Dublin Stag Activities

Life Drawing

Stag Life Drawing

Life Drawing is a great activity for groups that have a wide age range or if the father of the groom is coming along too. It’s more of a civilised afternoon activity and is thus a great alternative to a hard-core day of paint-balling or debauched evening at a strip club. Life Drawing has worked well in the past as the first activity after a big night out, to gently get the Stag Party going again. Check out the full frontal details of a Life Drawing stag do.

Cocktail MakingErich Wagner – Raspberry Thyme Smash Cocktail https://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Datei:Rasperry_Thyme_Smash1.jpg

This is clearly the right party if you’re looking for a boozy start to your weekend. Before the night descends into a mixture of mayhem and poorly cooked kebabs, be sure to start the afternoon off with a some well-needed structure. Get the Stag behind the bar and promptly blindfolded before he carries out a cocktail of games and challenges against the rest of the group. Mix up a Stag Do with a cocktail making class.

Stag Activities In Dublin: