Bournemouth Stag Parties


Planning the ultimate Bournemouth Stag Weekend? Be sure to check out our favourite Stag activities to help you create an unforgettable last night of freedom.

Bournemouth holds seven miles of sandy beaches, making this an ideal location for summer stag nights. All year round this city hosts hundreds of bars and restaurants, as well as many night clubs for a lively night out!

Top Bournemouth Stag Activities

Life Drawing

Stag Life Drawing

Life Drawing is a great activity for groups that have a wide age range or if the father of the groom is coming along too. It’s more of a civilised afternoon activity and is thus a great alternative to a hard-core day of paint-balling or debauched evening at a strip club. Bournemouth Stag Life Drawing has worked well in the past as the first activity after a big night out, to gently get the Stag Party going again. Check out the full frontal details of our Life Drawing party. 

Pole Dancing

Stag Pole Dancing

Trick your mate into thinking that you are taking him to a strip club for his very own pole dance when really he is going to be stripped down to his pants and taught the wonders of the pole himself during this Stag Pole Dancing lesson.

Grab a camera and have a laugh whilst you watch one of our qualified pole dancing instructors teach your mate all the moves on the pole. But be warned, this is a full aerobic work out so after two hours he might be knackered! Swing down into the full details of our Pole Dancing stag party.

Stag Activities In Bournemouth: