Bath Stag Parties


Planning the ultimate Bath Stag Weekend? Be sure to check out our top Stag activities to create an unforgettable last weekend of freedom.

One of the UK’s most historic cities, Bath is a great choice for guys looking for a more sophisticated Stag Do. With its Roman-era architecture and active night-life, Bath offers a wide array of activities so that you’ll have a Stag Weekend that you’ll never forget.

Top Bath Stag Activities

Cocktail Making Erich Wagner – Raspberry Thyme Smash Cocktail

This is clearly the right party if you’re looking for a boozy start to your Bath Stag Weekend. Before the night descends into a mixture of mayhem and poorly cooked kebabs, be sure to start the afternoon off with a some well-needed structure. Get the Stag behind the bar and promptly blindfolded before he carries out a cocktail of games and challenges against the rest of the group. Mix up a Bath Stag Weekend with a cocktail making class.

Life Drawing

bristol stag party - life drawing

Life Drawing is a great activity for groups that have a wide age range or if the father of the groom is coming along too. It’s more of a civilised afternoon activity and is thus a great alternative to a hard-core day of paint-balling or debauched evening at a strip club. Bath Stag Life Drawing has worked well in the past as the first activity after a big night out, to gently get the Stag Party going again. Check out the full frontal details of a Life Drawing party. 

Stag Activities In Bath: